What is The Application Development


The number of mobile users and the amount of time each user spends with their mobile phone is increasing rapidly. Because of this, the mobile app market is becoming hotter, and business owners are looking for ways to build and application development for their businesses.

Application refers to software made for mobile phones and tablets, which is also called app for short.
At DigiWare, we design the application you want in digiwaremarketing according to your business and market needs and strengthen it with appropriate updates.


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In addition to the technical aspects of paying attention to being online or offline, development in several operating systems, user interface, small size, and simple application are all considered by our Application development (app development) team.


Benefits of application development service

Optimized for Google


Easy management

Android application development

Android application development is one of the popular methods for designing mobile applications. More Android users than iOS, and publishing apps in app stores are more accessible and more cost-effective.
Reasons to build a mobile application are:

  • Android is an open-source platform, allowing you to develop applications at a lower cost.
  • In addition to Google Play, Android apps can be easily distributed in a third-party app store, exposing them to a broader audience and making them easier to use.
  • On Google Play, you can easily publish the app and make the app available to a wide range of people worldwide.
  • The user interface in Android applications is more accessible and easier to manage.

Flutter development


IOS and Android share almost the same code base with similar UI representations and user experiences. And was the only reason the Google came up with Future of Flutter development, one of the best cross-platform app development frameworks to date.

IOS application development

IOS application development are high quality and very user-friendly, so the design of iOS applications has its reasons.
Apple customers are more willing to pay than Android app customers, making this feature a possible return on investment.

  • Apps on iOS are more valid than on Android.
  • Security is more significant in the iOS application development, and personal information and user identity are protected, which is an important feature.
  • IOS apps are only available on iPhone and iPad devices, making it easier for iOS app developers to focus on fewer devices.

Application development path in our team

1. Check the service request form
2. Needs assessment session
3. Research
4. User interface design
5. Technical design and development
6. Test


What language use to design the Application in DigiWare?

Swift is one of the best languages ​​for designing iOS mobile applications. This language was introduced by Apple and has been accompanied by many updates. One of the benefits of the Swift programming language is increased security, short coding, and bug fixes.

React-native is written in JavaScript and does not use HTML. This language has provided the best user interface by combining programs such as native and JavaScript.

The Basic Application development Process

Apart from what application development is considered, the application development process will have several stages. We will do the work faster and more efficiently by dividing this process into different stages.

  • What problem is this application supposed to solve?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What are the competitors, and what are their characteristics?
Ideas of application development


In the time of brainstorming, to gather the idea of the app, take time to research and answer above questions.

design of application development


The next step is to design the user interface (UI). The User should be able to work with the application efficiently.



App codes are written and developed in this application development stage. An initial test is also performed.

testing application development


Testing the application will determine the quality and possible defects, and the list of items that need improvement will be clarified.

Launch or product presentation

product presentation

If the bug is not seen in the app and is ready to be presented, it will be presented in markets such as the App Store and Google Play.



A marketing strategy is necessary to open the way for users to download the app. Such a strategy helps pave the way for user engagement. by receiving feedback.

Order to design an application

Mobile application development is a very specialized and professional job, and it can be said that there is no shortcut or simple way to build a professional and practical mobile application.

If you are thinking of producing an application for your business but you are not familiar with programming knowledge, you can get help from a professional team to design and build our application for this task.

You can get help from the DigiWare programming team to order an Android or iPhone application. DigiWare is a group of young and creative programmers who have significant experience developing various application development and have recorded very successful software development in their portfolio.


Application development with Digiware marketing

  1. Build Android and iOS news site applications
  2. Build a variety of store applications
  3. Design and build Android and iOS catalog applications
  4. Design and build Android and iOS music applications
  5. Android and iOS application development, ads, and requirements
  6. Make Android and iOS restaurant app design and order food online
  7. Build Android and iOS applications and software development for the Airlines and Tourism Agency
  8. Build Android and iOS applications to introduce a company or product
  9. Build mobile applications for various sites, organizations, companies, and businesses
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