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Designing a WordPress website in accordance with SEO principles is a specialized Wordpress development services that Digiware team performs with expertise and proficiency.

This is not just a claim! Just leave your phone number and our experts will provide you with the necessary information regarding WordPress website design.

🗸 With over 30 examples of WordPress website design for online stores, services, blogs, and news websites

🗸 Custom design by UI/UX designers, in line with your organizational brand colors and industry

🗸 In accordance with Google’s principles and standards under the supervision of an SEO consultant

🗸 Proper configuration of security plugins and hosting to prevent any website hacking.

If you’re looking for a professional website, count on us.

Wordpress Development Services1

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Digiware's Strengths For Wordpress Development Services

Fast Support

Fast Support

When using wordpress development services from the Digiware collection, you can ask all your questions from the experts in this field. We are also with you after delivering the work to gain the necessary training.

In line With SEO Principles

In line With SEO Principles

WordPress website design and wordpress web design is done under the supervision of SEO experts and Google standards.

Observing Security Principles

Observing Security Principles

One of the important factors in wordpress development services is full familiarity with ways of
penetrating WordPress dashboard and database.

+6 Years Of Experience

+6 Years Of Experience

We use competent experts who have specialized experience in this field for more than 6 years.

Professional Design

Professional Design

Professional UI/UX experts design a user-friendly website for you in line with Iranian art and your needs.

Service Guarantee

Service Guarantee

As a sign of our gratitude for your trust, we guarantee 100% money-back return for our wordpress development services services in case of unfulfilled commitments.


The Price Of WordPress Website Design Services.

The price of wordpress development services depends on various factors. The expertise and experience of the service provider company and the complexity of the required business processes affect the price of wordpress development services. 

The price of WordPress website design varies and depends on various factors. For accurate pricing information on wordpress development services, it is better to contact our website design company and discuss the details with our experts.

What are WordPress Website Design Services like?

Currently, Website Development is one of the most popular methods of website design. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system that allows you to easily and quickly design a professional and beautiful website for your business using themes.

Many companies and web designers offer wordpress development services, which include website design and development, theming, plugin development, website optimization for search engines, security, and technical support.

To choose the best company or web designer for wordpress development services, it is better to look for an experienced and reputable company or designer with positive feedback from previous clients. Additionally, you should pay attention to the prices and project timelines. Also, make sure that the company or web designer uses new and up-to-date technologies and optimizes your website for fast loading and better user experience for visitors.

Therefore, by researching and comparing between companies and web designers, you can choose the best wordpress development services for your business.

Types of Wordpress Development Services

WordPress, as a powerful content management system (CMS), provides the capability to design various types of websites. Here are some of the types of wordpress development services:

– Corporate website
– Online store
– Blog
– News website
– Portfolio
– Personal website

With WordPress, you can find a suitable template for any type of website you have in mind and design your own website.


The Steps of Creating a WordPress Website by Digiware Team

Ordering Wordpress Development Services

To order wordpress development services, simply fill out your information in the form and our wordpress website designer will contact you as soon as possible.

Wordpress Development Services

WordPress Development Services Support With WordPress Website Developer

In professional wordpress development services, website support and maintenance are also an important part of the services provided. Digiware experts are responsible for reviewing and fixing any issues with your website and, if necessary, performing necessary updates to keep it secure and functioning at its best. 

These services, provided by our skilled and experienced professionals, allow you to have a high-quality and professional website that is easily operable and updatable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wordpress Development Services

The standard time frame for implementing wordpress development services projects is between 1 to 2 months of work. Note that this may vary depending on the required features and characteristics of your website.

Yes, the professional and experienced Digiware team consists of the most knowledgeable individuals in the field of digital marketing and website development using the WordPress content management system. Years of experience and hundreds of successful implemented projects, which have paved the way for the workflow of different and diverse businesses, attest to this claim. The first consultation session with the Digiware team is free, and we recommend that you share the details of your conditions and needs with us before any order or action.

Yes, in WordPress, you can modify default themes or create custom themes. Generally, customizing WordPress themes involves customizing the design, using different fonts, adding videos and images to WordPress pages, and modifying the structure and appearance of the WordPress theme. Using tools such as Customizer in WordPress, you can easily perform these customizations.

How can we get to the first page of Google after designing a WordPress website?

Getting to the first page of Google for your desired keywords can be a challenging task for any website. The specialized SEO team at Digiware can do this for you by following Google’s standards and their own experiences. However, in general, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of being seen on the first page of Google:

  1. Content optimization: Your site’s content should be optimized for search engines.
  2. Website loading speed: Google prefers sites that have high loading speeds, so you should use speed optimization plugins and tools.
  3. Inbound links: Links that refer to your site can help improve your site’s ranking in Google.
  4. Paid methods: Using paid methods such as Google Ads, Facebook, and other social media networks can be effective.
  5. User experience: To improve your site’s ranking, you should pay attention to the user experience. If your site is difficult for users or has irrelevant content, your site’s ranking in Google will likely decrease.

Can a WordPress site be developed after designing it?

Yes, after designing and creating a site with WordPress, it is possible to develop and improve it. This depends on the type and content of your site, but you can improve your site and add new features to it by using plugins, different themes, and making changes to the code.

Do you need programming knowledge to work with WordPress?

You do not necessarily need programming knowledge to work with WordPress, but familiarity with HTML, CSS, and PHP can help you in developing and improving your site. In fact, WordPress is designed for people who do not have sufficient programming knowledge.

How secure are WordPress sites?

WordPress sites can be the target of cyber attacks. Some of the methods that can be used to improve the security of WordPress sites include:

  • Regular updates: Updating the content management system, plugins, and WordPress themes can help you minimize security risks.
  • Use security plugins: Using security plugins such as Wordfence Security, iThemes Security, and Sucuri Security can help you improve your site’s security and prevent cyber attacks.
  • Use strong passwords: Using passwords that include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters can help protect your site.
  • Use SSL: Using an SSL certificate to encrypt information used on your site can help protect sensitive user information.
  • User access management: Managing user access to the site’s panel can help prevent unauthorized access and increase site security.
  • Monitoring activities: Monitoring site activities can help you identify cyber attacks and increase site security.
  • Regular support: Regular support for your WordPress site by a professional team can help you prevent any security issues. By having a backup of your site, you can quickly return to its original state in case of any cyber attack.

Can WordPress be suitable for my business?

Using Wordpress Development Services for your business depends on the type of business and your needs. In general, WordPress is one of the best and most popular content management systems and is currently used by many small and large businesses.

If your business requires content, products, or services to be offered and displaying a gallery of images on your website, WordPress is suitable as a content management system with many features for customization, management, security, and optimization for search engines or SEO. Additionally, WordPress provides numerous plugins and features to enhance your site’s performance and capabilities. 

These include e-commerce plugins for online sales, customer contact plugins for communicating with customers, search engine optimization plugins for improving site ranking in search engines, and more.

In any case, before using WordPress for your business, you should assess your needs and consult with professional advisors in this field. For free consultation with professional designers of WordPress websites, contact us at Digiware.

What is the difference between designing a website with WordPress and coding?

Website design and development can be done in several ways, including designing a website with WordPress, coding a website manually, using frameworks, and other methods.

In WordPress Development Services, a powerful content management system is used that helps users design a professional website without the need for deep technical knowledge. With WordPress, you can easily design your website by selecting one of the ready-made templates without the need for manual coding.

However, in manual coding, you need to write and design the code that goes behind the website pages manually. This method is usually used for websites that require a lot of customization and features that are not available in WordPress. For this method, you need deep technical knowledge in website design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other programming languages.