Your website will be seen with a basic SEO strategy. With seo services, It gets an audience and becomes famous. So Launch your website with the basics of rocket SEO.

What is SEO Services?

Digiwaremarketing’s professional SEO team will tell you all the necessary actions on your site to improve rankings and increase traffic by presenting a monthly report.

We believe that paying for SEO services is a long-term investment that you will lose if not done by an expert team.

If you cannot pay monthly for your site’s SEO, a one-time SEO service will be offered to you by the Digiwaremarketing team to shorten this path. In fact, by taking advantage of the services listed below, mark the beginning of the transformation for your site.

Here we have a list of the benefits of seo that will blow your mind.


One time SEO services

Increase site speed

Slow speed is one of the most challenging issues most site owners face today. We are with you by relying on experts in this field so that you can enjoy the high speed of your site.

Reportage services

We help you achieve the best results based on the position of your competitors, the site's condition and the word's difficulty, according to your budget.

Google Search Console

One of the best tools for website SEO is Search Console. Our team will connect and set up the search console for you so that you can more easily monitor your site's SEO progress.

Professional Consultation

Suppose you still have a lower rank among your competitors. In that case, you can solve these obstacles by consulting with our experts.

Google Analytics Services

Multiply your sales by connecting to Google Analytics! This tool is one of the best data analysis and customer journey tools. It will help you understand your website's details and the exact behavior of your users.

Full SEO services

Everything you need for SEO! Leave the work to an expert and enjoy being among the top on the first page of Google.

Google Map

Fortunately, you can register your business on Google through Google Maps. According to the pigeon algorithm, search results for the same keyword will be displayed in different geographical locations to display the closest business to the user.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a visual reporting tool that provides attractive reports from sources such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Bulk Email Sending

Depending on the marketing objective, we send emails to potential audiences to encourage them to do something or prepare them to receive follow-up emails that directly ask them to do something.

Category Names

Category SEO is perhaps the most important part of store site, which starts with selecting the correct word.

Keyword Gap

Content gap analysis is a process to analyze the current content on your website and your competitors. This process helps you increase topic relevance, organic traffic, and website ranking.


Copywriting means using words to attract contacts and more sales. Copywriting does the work of a salesperson in the form of words.

Mobile Friendly

One of the criteria used by Google robots to rank websites is the site's responsiveness. The compatibility of your website with different devices increases Your Ranks.

Check the robot.txt

The robot.txt file controls site activities, and all sites must have a bot file. According to the importance of crawling, this file will be edited by an expert for you.

Check the sitemap

One of the essential steps to be taken to improve SEO and optimize content is to register a sitemap in Google. By viewing the sitemap, Google can better understand the website's main topic.

Schema Config

with Schema codes after searching and seeing your website as one of the tops, user read the available descriptions and decide to enter your website.

Fixed the canonical

Sometimes, a specific page on the website may be available through several URLs, or there may be different pages with similar content. These pages hurt SEO, so you should be careful about these pages and their proper management.

Fixing The 404 error

For Google, the user needs to reach the desired content quickly. If your website violates this rule by creating a 404 error, it will hurt your website's SEO.

URL structure

The URL is one of the essential parts of the website page. Your lack of attention to this structure and placing a URL against the needs and tastes of users can reduce your visitors.

Backlink report

Although backlinks are one of the most important and influential things in the website optimization process, monitoring the site's backlinks is also very important.

Duplicate Content Extraction

Duplicate content is content that is published more than once on the website. When there is a lot of the same content on a website, it can have a horrible effect on your website's ranking.

Landing Page design

Users enter the landing page in various ways, primarily through search engines. Businesses with dedicated landing pages for their products, services, and activities have much higher returns.

Backlink strategy

Backlinks are one of the three most important factors in Google ranking. Many links are of low quality, spam, or follow the wrong structural techniques. For this reason, it is crucial to develop a suitable strategy for building backlinks.

Mass linking

Mass backlinks are backlinks created in a large number and in a short time. This type of backlink can be created manually or automatically, or by robots.

Content analysis of competitors

Using SEO tools and SERP analysis, you can find out what kind of content your site needs and in what volume.

Competitor backlink analysis

Using different tools, you can find competitor backlinks and use this information to design a backlink strategy and also create quality backlinks for your site.

Reportage analysis of competitors

By checking the reports of your competitors, you can decide with which strategy and on which websites to publish reports so that you can stand in a higher position than your competitors.

list of searched words + level of competition

It is possible to extract a list of keywords along with search volume and word difficulty from various tools, Google suggestions, etc.

WordPress site design

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems written in PHP, and due to its easy management and optimization in terms of SEO site structure, it is considered one of the best options for website design.

Buy a domain And host

Domain is the most important part of a site and if you lose your domain, you lose your brand value. Choosing a quality host is very important, because a hosting company can make or break the effectiveness of your website.

Content strategy design

By checking the content of competitors, Keyword Gap, Keyword Research, and considering the type of site (content-oriented, store, service).

SEO strategy

SEO strategy is the process of organizing a website by topic, which helps search engines like Google understand the user's intent when searching for a term or word.

SEO Service Steps

1. Providing an initial report to the employer

Detailed and initial review of your business area (analysis of your site and competitors)

2.Technical SEO, full site health review, site structure and architecture modification

3.Determining the target words, keyword research and developing an internal SEO strategy

4.Producing appropriate SEO content on seo services

5.Determining off-page strategy and reporting

6.Providing monthly work report


The Types of sites that DigiWaremarketing services include

Shopping Website

News Site

Corporate Site

Medical Site

Service site

Massive sites

personal website

Multilingual site

How to order SEO services in DigiWare?

You can quickly contact the experts of the Digiware Marketing team by Chat on Whatsapp +905367029807  (24 hour response) to seo services and sending your keywords along with the site’s name (if you have a site).

After 2 working days, we will send the initial proposal to you. A virtual meeting is organized, and the contract is closed with you after agreement and cost estimation.

Why should we choose Digiware Company for SEO?

The digital marketing department of Digiware Company, With more than 5 years of working experience in this field, with a detailed knowledge of Google algorithms and relying on the experience and expertise of our experts, we are by your side step by step to reach the Top Ranks of Google with seo services.

The benefits of working with the Digiware SEO team include the following

  • Leave SEO to experienced people with up-to-date knowledge
  • Complete knowledge update of the SEO specialist team
  • Expert mastery of all SEO tools
  • Delivering the project on time and formulating the right SEO strategy
  • Providing a monthly performance report of the SEO team
  • Advice and support for seo services

SEO Portfolio of DigiWare


The answer to this question entirely depends on your field of work and Keyword difficulty, competitive domain, and impact of domain life. The time may be sufficient for some areas in 2-3 months, but more than 6-8 months of work in more complex areas is needed.

One of the most important requests of the employer is to provide a guarantee to reach rank 1 in the target keywords, while this is entirely wrong and even illegal. There is no guarantee to accurately determine your rank in a specific time because there is no information about the following Google updates and the activity level of competitors. Providing a guarantee to the employer increases the chance of accepting the project, but as Google has stated many times, this method is a type of fraud.

With the support of their experience and more than 70 successful projects, Digiware’s specialized team uses the latest techniques under Google algorithms so that your site is on the first page and among the top ranks of Google.

The best time to start is at the beginning of the website and design. It is better to consult with an SEO specialist about the layout and architecture of your site before starting work.

The essential cases and measures taken during the month for SEO are internal, external, and technical SEO, content production and updating, traffic and traffic comparison, user behavior analysis and the outlook for the next month.