Musilizer (Flutter Music Template)

Flutter Music Template

Do you need a fast, beautiful, easy mobile music app for both Android and iOS?

As music apps have become an apparent hit and need of the times, Users are using different music apps to listen up to their favorite songs to help them relieve stress or in improving their creative ability.

Features of Musilizer

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Musilizer is a ready-to-use music app template that saves you plenty of times. Using predefined front and internal pages, developers can configure them however they want. Tracks, albums, podcasts, audiobooks, it all works with Musilizar.  Other features are:

  • Optimized coded
  • Easy to customize
  • Settings for profile visibility
  • Login, signup, and forgot password screens
  • Minimalist, clean user interface
  • Awesome looking
  • Provides all expected functions like sorting
  • Cheap

Musilizer – Flutter Music Template Highlights

Elegant & awesome design nice-looking animation Great performance Android & iOS apps Clean code Easy to use and customize code.

Musilizer includes almost 14 pages with lots of cool, beautiful and elegant widgets inside following the Google Material Design so it can easily be used in your applications to make it look great.

This Template was designed having music player and music songs and albums management and streaming in mind, but of course it can be changed to your application’s benefit. You can also extract the widgets or assets you like.

Due to the fact that this template was designed with the Flutter framework you can effortlessly build an iOS or Android version in no time.  Hope you enjoy the widgets.

All you need to do is customize!

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