What Is Back End Web Development

back end web development: If you have just stepped into the wide world of programming, you must know what programming is, but you may not be familiar with some terms in this field. 

In general, programmers and web developers are divided into back end web development and front-end. This article will thoroughly explain backend languages and help you become a professional backend developer.

What is Back End?

The back end web development is a part of a website development or software that users cannot see. In other words, the back end web development is a site’s brain responsible for logic control. 

The codes written in the back-end section are not directly connected to the system but are sent to the user’s browser through the server; That is why the back end web development is also called server-side programming.

Features of Server Site

1. Server-side programming languages are not understood by the browser and are not available to users.

2. The browser has no duty to read or receive codes. Instead, it displays the codes processed on the primary server side to the user.

3. Wherever there is a need for dynamic information, you should use the server-side languages.
As you know, there is the server side, the user side, or the client side. In short, wherever you interact with your user, there is a Client Side. User-side scripts are processed by the recipient or your system’s browser and have nothing to do with the supporting servers.

According to relevant experts, the back end web development of site is like a part of the iceberg hidden under the oceans, and the front-end site is the tip of the iceberg that everyone can see. 

Although the two parts of the server side and the user side differ, they are directly related to each other, and creating problems in each of them will cause problems in the performance of the site.

What is the difference between Front-End and Back-End?


As the previous section explains, back end web development is related to writing codes that the user cannot see. Still, front-end programming is precisely related to what the user sees after entering a site. And can interact with the desired site through it. 

The back end web development and front end are two opposites and, at the same time, complement each other in web programming.

Who is the backend developer?


In general, the back-end programmer is the one who codes the back end web development part of the website in such a way that the user cannot see it. This back end web development part is always running in the background and has a function similar to the Windows desktop. 

Back-end developers play a crucial role in web design and programming teams. You will get to know a back-end specialist in more detail.

What are the duties of the back end programmer?

As mentioned, back end web development tasks are essential in the web design team. In the following, you will briefly get to know their duties.

  • Database management and its creation and integration
  • Using back-end frameworks to build server-side software
  • Having sufficient knowledge about web server technologies
  • Integration of cloud computing
  • Familiarity with all types of operating systems
  • Maintenance of content management systems
  • Preventing system hacking and having enough information about security settings
  • Website data analysis
  • Integration of APIs

What are the skills of a backend developer?


Like all the behind-the-scenes agents of a film, the back-end specialist must be well-versed in his work and have the necessary skills in his specialty. In this way, what the user sees as a result of the work will be flawless.

  • Proficiency in the server-side programming language

Those who work in back end web development field must have sufficient command of at least one of the server-side programming languages. Also, it is better to have sufficient knowledge of the specialized topics of the desired programming language and thereby achieve the following results:

  1. Codes are written more securely.
  2. Codes will run faster.
  3. They will be able to write object-oriented programs.
  • Database

The coding of a back-end programmer becomes valuable when it can be used to connect to a database and store information on it; Therefore, the back-end specialist must also have the necessary skills in this field.

  • Logical and analytical mind

Someone active in the back end web development profession or entering this field must know he will face many challenges and issues. Solving these problems requires logical thinking and proper analysis. 

Of course, everyone doesn’t need to have this skill unconsciously and innately, but you can achieve this thinking with time and practice.

What are the backend programming languages?


There are many backend languages such as:

  • Java
  • PHP
  • Python
  • SQL
  • .NET
  • C#

but in the following section, we will introduce backend languages.

1. Java language

Many programmers have used this relatively old and popular language. One of the strengths and reasons for the popularity of this language is having a virtual machine that makes it easy to compile and run codes in systems.

2. PHP language

Undoubtedly, we can say that one of the most widely used server-side languages is PHP, which has played a role in creating 80% of websites. This language is generally used in programming software, setting cookies, and collecting data.

3. Python language


Currently, one of the severe competitors of Java and PHP languages is Python programming language. Its ease of learning and use has made it popular with many back-end programmers.

4. C# programming language

C # is another language that is used in the back end web development field. Among its features, we can mention this language’s modern, simple, component-oriented, object-oriented, logical, and efficient nature. About the history of C#, it was created by Microsoft in 2000. 

C# uses ASP.Net technology to create and design the site. It is good to know that #C has much to say in the world of programming today, although our country’s job market is scorching.

5. Perl programming language


Among the most critical features of this backend language is its fun. Perl is a multipurpose hybrid programming language that is fast and reliable simultaneously. You can use it in a wide variety of fields. The Perl language is used in military and artificial intelligence fields, industrial design, etc.

6. The Ruby language

The prominent and vital features of Ruby, another unique back-end language, are its open-text, object-oriented, and simplicity. Using this flexible language, you can create fast and free programs while also benefiting from the unique properties of object orientation.

7. Hack language

Hack can be considered as a counterpart of PHP, which was first introduced and used by Facebook. It is good to know that the main body of this language is very similar to PHP. 

Although this program was created to make Facebook more efficient, today, programmers can use it to design programs without bugs and with high efficiency.

8. SQL language


As we said in the previous sections, a back-end worker’s essential skill is the ability to work with databases. SQL is one of the most prominent languages for working with databases. This language was created to create databases and access their information. 

Therefore, those who deal with data mining or general data should be well versed in this language. Wherever there is a database, there is a SQL server. This language is usually the first choice of programmers to work with databases.

Is backend web development hard?

Insanely difficult. That’s a massive range of difficulty you’re dealing with. Yet, standard backend web development is usually very close to the super easy side.

Conclusion of Back-end web development

In this article, we tried to fully explain what back end web development is and how you can prepare to start working in this field. To become a professional back-end worker, you must be able to learn server-side programming languages and strengthen other required skills. 

In your opinion, what other skills do you need to learn to become a good programmer, apart from technical skills? Share your valuable comments with us.

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