What are the 10 steps to Make an app

How to make an app and be a successful application developer? Apps are everywhere! Think about it! Any famous brand you can think of will find that they have a mobile app you can download. These programs are built by businesses for customers.

For businesses, applications are excellent business solutions, regardless of the purpose for which they are used. Mobile apps are effective ways to increase your sales because it’s easier to interact with customers through an app. This is enough for anyone to ask how to make an application.

Today, everyone, including you, uses hundreds of applications in their daily life. And This alone proves that every business needs a plan in its life cycle to increase its sales, market its products, and increase its brand reputation.

In this article on Digiwaremwrketing, we will briefly explain the methods of building Android and iOS applications and teach you some tips for make an app that will be very useful for becoming a successful application developer.

Methods of making mobile applications

There are two ways for developers to create app; Programming in Android or iOS or using applications or programs under web app builder or app builder.

Building an application through coding

If you have enough knowledge of Android or iOS programming, you can design your desired application by coding in one of the following three ways:

1.Native method

Native applications are designed specifically for Android or iOS operating systems. 

  • Make an app for iPhone

The best programming languages for iOS programming are Swift and Objective-C. Objective-C is a more robust language but is more challenging to learn. Swift is a new language for iOS programming, but it is becoming more widespread and popular daily. This language is easier to understand than Objective-C.

  • How to make an app for Android


The best Android programming languages for building a native app are Kotlin and Java. Java is older and more popular, but Kotlin is not the far backend.

The most important advantage of building the application in a native way for the device on which it is installed is that the security of the device, its speed and capabilities will be fully maintained. The user experience and speed of native applications are also better than others.

The most crucial drawback of building a native application is that the developers must create an application for each operating system.

2- Hybrid method

To build hybrid applications, a multi-platform technology including JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 or all three is used, and these applications are necessarily web applications in a native format.

The main advantage of hybrid applications is that instead of creating several applications for different operating systems, you make only one main application that runs on all of them. The biggest drawback of developing applications in a hybrid way is the poor performance of these applications.

3- Make an app using the PWA method


This method is used to build web applications. These applications are like regular web pages, but they have features such as working offline, push notifications and access to the device’s hardware, which are only seen in native applications. PWA apps are still new and not well-supported.

How to make an application? Build an app no code

If you don’t have the coding knowledge to make a mobile app, don’t despair! There is still another way in front of you to create an application without knowing a single word of programming language.

For several years, applications have been developed under the app builder (App builder) or app maker, which allows you to create an almost professional application with just a few simple taps on your phone screen.

The best app builders are BuildFire, AppyPie, Thunkable, AppInstitute and Andromo. In addition to these applications, some websites provide the possibility of creating an application without coding.

How to make an app and become a successful application developer?


It is being able to make an app does not mean that you are necessarily a successful application developer. And This is a difficult task considering the existence of more than one million applications in the App Store and Play Store, but don’t worry!

In the rest of this article of make an app, we will teach you how to succeed in this field. Nowadays, many people want their sites to be displayed on mobile. If you have this intention, I suggest you use the idea of converting a place into an application and turning your desired site into an app for your business.

1- Study bad applications

You should not only read about good apps but also examine bad ones to learn why they fail and not make the same mistakes yourself. 

2- Increase the construction speed

Work on building apps that you can complete in 6-8 weeks. And This allows you to test different ideas for make an app.

3- Design is more important than anything else in make an app

The beautiful and user-friendly design of the user interface and logo is one of the most critical factors in creating a successful application.

4- Make something you love

Choose a topic that interests you. If the application you design solves one of your problems or brings you a new hobby, you will be highly motivated to create app.

5- Don’t consider your ideas perfect

 Although you may like your application very much, don’t fall in love with it blindly and see if it has a flaw so that you can fix it in the following versions.

6- Make something simple in make an app


It is crucial that using the application is simple and enjoyable for users. Your goal should be to make the application for someone without software knowledge but can learn to work with your software in seconds.

7- Be wise to make an app

Huge successes need at least 10 years. Don’t be disappointed if you make an unsuccessful application! Keep learning and learn to fail enough to win and build a successful app.

8- Don’t look for capital and investors

As a programmer, you must stand on your own two feet and finance your ongoing projects by programming in your spare time. And This will increase your programming knowledge and cause new ideas to come to your mind.

9- Find a colleague

Having a colleague who can be like a good friend gives you more ideas, and you can form a solid team to build the application by covering each other’s weaknesses.

10- It is never too late

It’s never too late to learn how to make an app and become a successful app developer, and the ever-increasing development of tools that make app building easier will help you along the way.

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