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One of the essential parts is the internal seo website checklist. This section also has important parts that we will mention below to benefits of seo . Having an on page seo checklist will be very effective. This comprehensive internal SEO checklist will help you to do all the things related to Onpage Seo correctly and with complete accuracy and not miss anything.
Of course, remember that focusing on page seo checklist cannot and should not ignore other essential issues in external SEO and technical SEO.

What does on page seo mean

All the activities carried out in the direction of SEO of the website are called internal SEO. Internal SEO, as the site optimization infrastructure, is the essential thing that should be done on the website before doing anything else.

Checklist for on page seo


1. Keyword research

It is necessary to conduct keyword research on page seo checklist using various tools such as direct Google search, Google Keyword Tools, Trends, etc. Finally, emotional intelligence and understanding of the actual audience in the target market will also be included in the classification of these keywords. You get data and several keywords to categorize using your tact and intelligence on page seo techniques list.

2. Choose the right title

Choosing the right title for a content page is the thing that helps you to get the opinion of your audience well in the first encounter and, in this way, guide them to the page and make them read your content. It is necessary to have the main keyword and the most critical auxiliary keyword in the page title.

3. Choosing appropriate headings in the content on page seo

Content tags, including H1, H2 and H3 headings, are essential. Heading 1 is used only once, but you are allowed to use other headings as many times in your content as headings. The importance of using the primary keyword in the H1 and H2 headings has been proven in on page seo checklist, and search engines greatly emphasize this. This way, you will understand the Google robots in what connection your page’s content is focused on, and you will facilitate directing users to your website page.

4. Creating unique and attractive content


Creating unique and attractive content, although it is considered the art of producing content, on page seo checklist is completely mastered around this issue. It should check the rich content feed, attractiveness and uniqueness of the content. The right content should have a lot of valuable words to say, from the introduction to the conclusion and the closing speech.

5. Selection of unique images in on page optimization checklist


Choosing unique images is one of the secrets of on page seo checklist. If there is a necessary field for photography in your content area, it will be appropriate to place unique images on the website pages with dedicated photography. Otherwise, we must say that the Google search page is the worst place to find suitable images for your content.
In this case, it is better to go to dedicated photo websites and convert the images related to your content into a unique image with some manipulation in Photoshop.

6. Fill in the alt tag of the images

The alt tag of the images must be descriptive of the image and content, as much as possible, the primary or auxiliary keywords. Remember that the image alt tag is significant in on page seo checklist, and you should not miss this item.

7. Optimizing the size of images in on page seo checklist

To improve the loading speed of the site pages, it is necessary to optimize the size of the images. One step of resizing the images and reducing the size with various tools. It can help a lot to reduce the size of the images.
Finally, if your website supports images in Webp format, you can significantly reduce the size of images by changing the image format to the Web version. This issue will significantly increase page loading speed and improve the site’s overall speed.

8. Inserting a suitable meta description

Matt’s description is one of the golden opportunities to catch the audience in the situation where you are in front of their eyes, along with several other sites. If everything goes well and Google shows your website page in front of the user’s search, the correct meta description is one of the hooks through which you can catch the user.
Therefore, it is necessary to use the utmost precision and elegance in the production of the meta and include the main keyword and the most critical auxiliary keywords of the first impression.

9. Short URLs in on page seo checklist

According to a recent study of over two million URLs, those with shorter URLs rank better.
URLs should be such that when the user clicks on the page, they want to see the content of the page. The easiest way to do this is to put your target keyword in the URL’s title.

10. Keyword tag title and description

Add your target keyword in your title tag and meta description. And This is a good practice, but you don’t need to overdo it. According to research on 2 million keywords, most of the pages that rank on the first page of Google do not have a matching keyword in their title tag.
And this also applies to descriptions. Your main goal should not be just to put keywords in such places. Instead, try to write an excellent title and description that will increase CTR and generate more traffic to the website.

11. Title h1

Using any number of title tags or H1 tags on your pages is okay. And its because H1s are commonly used as page title categories, and a page can only have one title. But what about keywords?
There are two important reasons to include your keyword here:
First, putting the keyword in the title helps direct the user to the desired page, showing that your content matches the topic searched in Google before entering the page.
Second, people usually enter the site according to the keyword placed in the title and shown in the results.

12. Internal linking in on page seo checklist


Pages with external links to sites with high page authority increase their chances of ranking.
So don’t forget to put relevant and quality external links. Internal linking to website pages with keywords is another point.

13. Naming photos

Most top-ranking pages do not include their target keywords in their site photos. So you might think that placing the name of the alt image is not very important, but it is not. The name of the image is written for it so that if the photos are not loaded. Users know what the content of that photo is. Be sure to put your keyword in the photo names because putting the Alt name of the photos helps rank in Google images.

14. Placing schema and rich snippet


Rich snippets are sets of codes that are used to describe the information and market data of websites.
Schema also helps search engines understand your content better. It can dramatically affect how your page appears in the SERPs, increase click-through rates and drive more traffic to your website.

On page seo checklist in the final word

Above, we have reviewed the on page seo checklist. Each of these items should be considered in the form of an utterly specialized branch in the SEO of website pages, and what we mentioned above is only a reference to the subject’s content. In the experience of website seo checklist, what things did you deal with? And what results did you get from on page seo checklist? Please share your experiences with other users of the Digiwaremarketing website and us.

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