What are the Search engine advertising and Google ads?

Google ads: Google Advertising Methods and search engine advertising are essential topics in the business world. Each person has created a unique business according to their abilities. People who have been able to develop this business usually use Google AdWords to promote their business. This article will teach you what Google advertising is like and how to do search engine advertising. Stay with us.


Search engine marketing basics and Google AdWords?

First, we will talk about what Google ads are and what they are used for in search engine advertising, and how effective are google ads. As you know, Google is one of the world’s best and most famous search engines and launched The online advertising service of this company 19 years ago in 2000. 

Interestingly, 96% of Google’s income comes from search engine advertising. So Google is doing great in this matter that it has progressed so far! We will learn how the search engine advertising system works in the following.


What are Google ads or Google AdWords?



Google Ads is a system that users use to be seen. This item of search engine advertising is used to see businesses more and better. 

Their ads will be shown to people, and they will become customers. But maybe this question has occurred to you, why do we use this method, and why is it recommended? Using search engine advertising helps you have targeted ads.


You are showing your ads to customers who have the potential to buy from us, known as leads. Another method is to buy Google click ads, which is discussed in the article What are click ads? You can also use this method. The cost of Google click ads is also given in this article.


To whom are Google ads displayed?


One of the great features of this method is characterizing and categorizing contacts based on several criteria. These criteria are people’s age group, different interests, gender, location, type of device used (tablet, phone, computer, etc.), and remarketing. 


Remarketing means advertising to people who have already met you but have not bought. For example, you can ask Google to show you women aged 35-25 years.


Google ads, in what media? Google ads method



You should know that Google has two channels or networks; ads are displayed through these two. You have the option to display your ads on any of these platforms. These two networks are Google Display Network and Google Search Network. Advertising on the Google search network is better, and this method is usually used.


Introduction of Google Display Network: The Google search engine is comprehensive and enormous. More than two million different sites in this network provide an ideal space for advertising. Advertisements on these sites are in the form of text, videos, and banners.


Google Search Network: Google Search Network is a collection for searching the Internet. Millions of people use this network every day, and that’s why it’s a great space for advertising.


All kinds of Google advertising methods or related campaigns


You might ask, what does search engine advertising do with campaigning? A campaign is a set of items, including display time, location, costs, pricing, contacts, etc., used with a specific goal. Of course, the goal of advertising is also essential. First, determine your goals, such as sales, increasing site traffic, or any other item. According to your goal, you can choose your helpful campaign.


In this way, you can easily place your ad in the form of text in the Google search engine and attract audiences. Users search for keywords related to your business, and your ads are displayed for them. search related ads is also known as advertising campaign


1. Google Search Sites such as Google, Google Play, Google Shopping, and Google Maps

2. Google Search Partners sites such as Amazon


What kind of search engine advertising is possible on the Google search network?


1. Text ad: The ad’s text is written by you and displayed to users by searching for keywords.

2. Responsive search ad written by you and randomly displayed by Google.

3. Call-only ad that includes your contact information.


What campaigns use the Google Display Network?



Google display ads are displayed when a user is playing a game, checking their Gmail, or watching a specific video. In this way, the advertisement is shown to the audience before searching. These ads are displayed as follows:


1. Standard Display Campaign: With this type of campaign, you will be allowed to appear on all Google media.

2. Gmail Campaign: Gmail ads will be shown when you check your Gmail.

3. Display on related sites: banners, videos, etc., are displayed on sites that are coordinated and related to your business.

4. Display in related applications: Your ads will be shown in Google-related applications. So people will see your ads while playing or using those apps.

5. Display on YouTube: Ads are placed at the beginning of YouTube videos.

The critical point is that you can accurately specify the site, application, video, etc., and display advertisements.


What are the formats of Google Display Network ads?


1. Responsive display ads: The type and format of ads are created by Google according to the image of the page. Choose the text and image and leave the rest to Google.

2. Uploaded image ads: Images must be sent in PNG and JPG format. You should find out the size and format of videos and gifs at the time they are made.

3. Google advertising: Mobile application installation campaign (App Install Campaign)

With this method, you can increase the number of installations of your application. Do these ads on other apps, sites (such as YouTube), Google Play Store, etc. This ad is also displayed in Gmail. Pay your budget and leave the work to Google.

4. Google Chrome Ads: Video Campaign

You can display ads at the beginning of videos and in the form of various teasers. This method is effective and introduces products quickly. The payment method is per view of the videos.


Types of video ads



Skippable in-stream ads: These ads are displayed at the beginning, end, or middle of videos, and viewing them is optional for the user. He can see the ad or skip it.

Non-skippable in-stream ads: In this method, the audience has to watch the video until the end. In this case, the contacts will receive all the notifications. But the audience may be annoyed. So you only have to prepare it for 15 seconds.

Discovery ads: In this search engine advertising method, the user searches for words, and your ad will be among the displayed videos. Every click on the video will cost you.

Bumper ads: These short videos have a valuable and attractive message for the user, and their length is only 6 seconds. These videos are shown several times during a video.

Outstream ads: These videos are also displayed on mobile phones and can be seen on Google partner sites such as Amazon or various apps. They are displayed without sound, and their sound is played only at the user’s discretion.


Conclusion of search engine advertising


Thank you very much for being with us and introducing Google AdWords. It may happen to many people that what is the best thing to do with these interpretations? What is the best ad choice, and what should we do for search engine advertising? We offer you advertising on the Google search network. The reason is apparent!


Of course, video campaigns are helpful, and we can target these users for sales. But you can get great results by using ads on the first page of Google. Google advertising cost is different and is calculated based on dollars, dirhams, etc. 


You can purchase a Google AdWords account using various sites and Rivand colleagues’ help. Charging the Google AdWords account is done quickly, and you can use the features of Google AdWords.


We hope this article of digiwaremarketing has been helpful for you and that you have understood the best way to use Google AdWords and search engine advertising. Use cheap Google ads and search engine advertising agencies to improve your business through SEO advertising.

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