What Is Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy is one of the best and most affordable methods of communication and advertising for target audiences, which is especially effective for business and advertising communications. 

That is why our email inbox or spam section contains various promotional emails. But these days, many companies are trying to communicate with their audience in a targeted manner to have a higher conversion rate.

On the other hand, all advertising methods do not necessarily require huge costs. Many customers can be attracted by practical tools such as email blast and email marketing strategy, engaging content, special offers, and a suitable call (Call To Action).

Although various advertising tools have become ubiquitous online, many people still believe in email marketing strategy and that if you can use it properly, you can obtain good results. In this article of digiwaremarketing, we want to discuss what email marketing is and its benefits comprehensively.

What is email marketing?

Using email marketing strategy and sending messages to target audiences to attract new customers and maintain relationships with old customers is called email marketing strategy. The content of your message can include advertisements, valuable content, attractive and different discounts, offers, etc.

when to use email marketing

You can use email marketing strategy at any stage of your social media marketing agency and strategies, such as branding and brand awareness, buying persuasion, loyalty, customer retention, etc. The use of email has very high capacities. In many cases, we are unaware of them and cannot benefit from them properly.

It seems that before starting any topic, we should first look at the history of email marketing strategy and with what purpose it was formed. After knowing the preliminary topics, you can implement this marketing method’s advanced and professional parts well.

Email marketing benefits


Now it’s time to talk a little about the benefits of using this method after reviewing the history and see how different businesses can use the capacity of this practical tool. how email marketing helps business:

1- Good ROI

In today’s world, where various businesses are hardly willing to spend and, on the other hand, their hands are tied to spend a lot on advertising, the issue of return on investment is crucial. Managers are eager to see how much they get for their pay. 

One of the most important benefits of email marketing strategy is that it can be very effective and efficient if done professionally and correctly. This method has an excellent conversion rate and is relatively cost-effective.

 2- Immediate Effectiveness

Just send an email to your target audience and see its effects within minutes of sending the message. For example, if you are going to have an auction or a 24-hour special sale, you can make the most of email. email marketing strategy and its content can induce a sense of urgency and time constraints.

 3- Fast and affordable

Email is one of the fastest, easiest, and cheapest advertising tools that not only has a good ROI, but you can achieve incredible output at a reasonable cost and with the correct email list.

 4- Custom emails


as an email sender, customize your messages to get better output and increase conversion rates, but your audience and subscribers also have the right to choose what emails are sent to them.

 5- Analysis of customer behavior

edm marketing by email is one of the best tools for checking and analyzing the behavior of customers. You can find out which emails your audience opened, which messages appealed to them, which links they clicked, and which CTAs they reacted to.

 6- Easy start

The ease of use of email means that anyone can start their campaign with minimal training. On the other hand, there is no need for a professional team and a lot of money to start work. 

You can even use ready-made templates with text, photos, and videos. Of course, some Drag & Drop email services have simplified the work for beginner users.

 7- Direct message transfer

This method helps to convey the message directly and quickly to the target audience, So that not only will more of them open or even wait for your email and have a reasonable conversion rate. Email list segmentation works very well for businesses that have enough customer information.

 8- Content publishing platform

Email alone can be one of the good platforms for publishing content. You can send all or part of your content to your audience in an email and engage them more. Finally, with an attractive and practical CTA, you can ask them to do what you want.

Disadvantages of email marketing strategy


Marketing has many benefits, but no system can be flawless, and this tool is no exception. In this section, we will discuss some problems with this system.

  • spam

If you fail to target your audience or your email appropriately is filled with promotional content, recipients may delete your messages or mark them as spam. 

You have to concentrate so much that you can not only find the right audience but also prevent your email from being spammed and get a high CTR by providing the right and important content.

  •  Unsent emails

If you use bulk email services, sometimes your message may not reach its destination. In addition, if you use expressions like “free,” “must click,” and…, you should expect spamming or not reaching the audience.

  • Design problems

One of the principles of using email marketing strategy is that you must display the content of your message correctly on any device, and this issue forces some to use only text messages in their campaign, which is not attractive. Designing an attractive and professional email that you can display correctly on all screens is a difficult task.

What businesses use email marketing?

Many businesses use this tool, especially those with good information and interaction with the audience, and know that their email is opened and gets a good CTR. 

In addition, this method works very well for businesses that do not spend a lot on advertising and establishing a relationship with the audience, provided that they can reach their target audience.

email marketing strategy is also handy for businesses that have a good plan for customer retention.

Application of email marketing strategy – Email marketing services


Email marketing strategy is very widely used, and you can use it for various reasons. But these days, this method is used more than we will examine in a series of specific cases. 

Of course, we must remember that email marketing strategy does not mean directly selling a product through email. Among the applications, we can mention the following:

1- Welcoming new users

The first and most straightforward use of email is to welcome new users to the site or newsletter and thank them for being with you. In addition, you can also send them login information, access to certain sections, or other communication methods.

2- Sending an email newsletter

Many users will give you their email in exchange for a gift or regular and specialized content. You can also use this opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them and maintain it. In addition, you can send regular emails to the newsletter audience in which you have used text, designs, photos, videos, etc.

3- Information about new product or service

If you offer a new product or service soon, you can inform your audience about this news via email.

4- Sending purchase information

One of the most important times you can use email is when you email a customer with a receipt, invoice, and purchase details after purchase. Besides, if needed, you can also send them the link to the downloadable files. If you are smart, you can also include new purchase offers or related to the current purchase in your email.

5- Discounts and special offers

If you have a discount or special offers for a certain period or are running a unique advertising campaign, you can use this method to inform your audience. email marketing strategy helps to keep most of the audience informed. In addition, you can inform customers about the last chance to use these special conditions.

6- Notification of events

There may be a special event related to your business or that you are attending. Very easily and quickly, you can inform the audience about the event and even invite the audience by sending an email.

Email marketing training


email marketing strategy is a vast field, and its complete training is beyond the scope of this article. If we want to mention briefly, the way to do email marketing tips includes the following steps:

  • Step 1: Create a strategy

The starting point of any marketing is to create a proper strategy. Having a proper strategy, you can move forward with order and planning.

  •  Step 2: Get an email list.

You must have an email list to start a campaign. You can get this list from the lead generation process.

  •  Step 3: Choose the exemplary service

Some various institutions and companies help you. You have to do the necessary research to find exemplary service.

  •  Step 4: Design the email

Designing email and registration forms is an important stage of campaign implementation. These emails should be visually appealing and have a good email copywriting.

  •  Step 5: Automation of sending emails

You can set the email settings so that emails with valuable and helpful content will be sent to him after the contact is registered.

  •  Step 6: Data analysis

You should monitor and analyze the results of your campaign over time. For this purpose, you will need the following key performance indicators (KPIs). You should check these indicators carefully and correct them if you encounter a problem in your campaign.

  • Delivery report: it shows what percentage of subscribers received your email.
  • Email open rate: shows how many subscribers opened your email after receiving it.
  • Click-through rate: shows how many percent of subscribers clicked on the CTA button after reading the email.

Email marketing campaign by email marketing agency

This campaign is like any other advertising campaign and has its characteristics where you need to define goals, audience personas, content, posting time, budget, and KPIs.

In the first step, you need to determine your campaign goal. Are you looking to attract new leads, are you targeting previous customers, are you looking for more sales, are you considering a discount or a special offer for some time and.

The next step is the segmentation of the email list or segmentation, which is done based on the persona of our audience. In a simple sense, it means segmenting your target audience so that you can deliver the appropriate message to each group.


email marketing strategy is one of the best and most cost-effective means of communication and advertising that continues to work well even in today’s world with the emergence of new platforms. 

With the help of this method, you can communicate with your audience and customers permanently, keep them updated on the latest news, send them valuable and attractive content, and offer unique offers to your customers.

How much email marketing cost

Also, this email marketing strategy has a good return on investment; if you can identify your audience well, you can get a reasonable click rate. This cheap system can have a sound output for you if it is used professionally.

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